Alipurduar  is a sub-divisional municipal city of Jalpaiguri district (east end of the district), West Bengal , India, located in the Dooars region known for its forest, wildlife, timber and scenic beauty, since the colonial period.  Situated on the east bank of Kaljani River on the foothills of the Himalayas, the town is a gateway to Bhutan and North Eastern states of India.
The town is surrounded by deep forest and tea garden. While there are two rivers flowing across the town namely Kaljani and Nonai. There is a river called Dima which flows on the west of the town. It's a tributary of Kaljani and meets with the later near Smashan Khola.

The history of Alipurduar (named after Hedayet Ali) can be reconstructed from the writings of J. F. Grunning, J. A. Milligan, D.H.E Sunder and Sailen Debnath. After the second Anglo-Bhutan War in 1865, according to the Treaty of Sinchula, the Eleven Bengal Dooars were annexed by the British Government, although the Seven Assam Dooars had already been occupied by the British in 1942; and subsequently Colonel Hedayet Ali was posted as the commander at the military settlement on the bank of the River Kaljani. The entire tract of land of the Buxa Dooar was leased out to Hedayet Ali on his superannuation and the growing town adjacent to the military settlement began to grow as well. According to Debnath, the military settlement in the town of Alipurduar, in course of time, increasingly turned to be less important because of the fast growth of military cantonment at Buxa Fort away in the north of the town as well as the Chila Roy Barrack in Cooch Behar. Along with the expansion of tea plantation and set up of Railway lines, Alipurduar began to be important in terms of communication and administration; and the partition of the country in 1947, led to the immigration of refugees from East Pakistan and the growth of population in the town of Alipurduar.


Alipurduar town is not a popular tourist destination by itself, a number of interesting choices are available within a short distance. Dense forests and hills offering beautiful natural landscape surround the town.
The most important forest in Alipurduar is Buxa Tiger Reserve, which attained much fame all over India for its enormous natural resources in terms of rare flora and fauna. The forest has the status of a National Park and houses the maximum number of Bengal tigers in North Bengal. The Chilapata Forests provide an elephant corridor between the Buxa reserve and the Jaldapara National Park, another important eco-tourism destination.
The highest peak of Jalpaiguri, the Chota Sinchula, is in Alipurduar. Situated at an altitude of 1733m at about 12 km from Buxa the peak offers beautiful sights of the impermeable forest covers of Buxa hills and Bhutan valley.
Rajabhatkhawa, Jayanti, Bhutanghat, and Raimatang are some other major destinations in Alipurduar. Situated deep inside the forest, all of these places offer very good scope for wildlife tourism. Each place has forest rest-house accommodation for limited numbers of tourist.
Alipurduar does not deprive trek lovers. A day trek to Buxa hill through dense forest track reaches Buxa fort and further up to Rovers Point and then leads to Rupam Valley in Bhutan Hill. Besides these, Adma, Gatuka, Tashigaon, Ochhlum and Lavchakha in the Buxa hill gives different flavours of touring. Jayanti Mahakal trek is another popular route that leads to a stalactite cave near Bhutan border. This trek is very popular among the pilgrims who visit the cave to offer prayer to their deity, Lord Shiva.

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Puran Bazar, Alipurduar

Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa Tiger Reserve is a 760-square-kilometre (290 sq mi) tiger reserve located inside the Buxa National Park  in West Bengal, India, in the Buxa hills of the southern hilly area of Bhutan. Animals found in the park include, the tiger, civet, and red jungle fowl.

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Located : Alipurduar Junction / New Alipurduar - 17 km;
Nearest Town/ City: Alipurduar - 17 km;

How to get there:
The roads of the town are well inter-connected with nearby cities and other neighboring states. Alipurduar junction is a major railway station as it is the divisional headquarters of North-East Frontier Railway. The nearest airport to Alipurduar is Cooch Behar Airport that is about 23 km form the main town of Alipurduar.

Bagdogra (Siliguri)
No direct flights or trains or buses are available between Bagdogra to Alipurduar.The convenient and fastest way to reach from Bagdogra to Alipurduar is to take a taxi from Bagdogra to Alipurduar. The cheapest way to reach Alipurduar from Bagdogra is to take a taxi from Bagdogra to Siliguri then take Kyq Capital Exp from Siliguri to Alipurduar.

Distance between Bagdogra And Jalpaiguri: 37 kms
Distance between Jalpaiguri And Alipurduar: 111 kms

By Train
There are no direct trains between Bagdogra and Alipurduar. However, the best way to reach Alipurduar from Bagdogra is to take a taxi from Bagdogra to Jalpaiguri then take Kamrup Express from Jalpaiguri to Alipurduar.

Distance between Bagdogra to Alipurduar is 149 km by Road.
Railway Stations: New Alipurduar (NOQ), Alipur Duar Junction (APDJ)